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The Deadly Sin of Sloth

Our happy little home experienced a rude awakening recently when we discovered the nightmare of toxic black mold for the third time in just one year. The first time we found it, the contractors remediated for 37 days and the […]

Your Bible: Dust or Discipline?

In today’s postmodern world the Bible is obsolete to unbelievers – and why shouldn’t it be? God’s work through Christ’s on the cross is “foolishness to the perishing” (1 Corinthians 1:18) so it’s not surprising that His word isn’t taken […]

Put Your Child in “Big” Church

A common question these days is, “Should my child go to big church?” In a society smattered with multi-generational church clubs, classes, and youth pizza parties, many parents are wondering when their child should begin interfacing with adults on Sunday […]

Summer Worries Keep You Up At Night

Its well past midnight and you can’t sleep… You toss and turn, worry after worry flooding your head. Most of the ideas aren’t related, you can’t do anything about them, and most of them won’t be remembered tomorrow, but tonight […]

5 Strategies For a Christ-Centered Home

How in the world are we going to raise godly kids in a sin-centered culture? For well over a decade, social media has evolved and exploded from days of primitive “My Space” accounts that had teens glued to the family […]

Take Aim at God’s Glory

  A group of theologians and divines came together in 1646 to pen the famed Westminster Shorter Catechism. When questioning man’s ultimate purpose, the men settled on the following statement, which has lived in Christian lore since: “Man’s chief end […]

Raising a Generous Generation

How do kids get their perspective on money?  A mature Christian woman once shared with me how her wrong view of money, and her self-centered view of giving was shaped by her childhood. Her parents fought over money, her mother […]

“He Shall Reign” Unplugged Worship Video

The final countdown to Christmas is on! Let’s focus our attention on the Savior who came in a manger and will return as King! Everyone at MBC is pumped for tomorrow night’s services – the worship team took time to have […]

Can You Trust the Virgin Birth

According to TIME Magazine and the PEW Research center, 75% of Americans  as of December 2014, accept the virgin birth as true. This is an important statistic. Why? No virgin birth would have meant that Joseph and Mary were living […]

A Model of Biblical Prayer

Prayer is one of the simplest disciplines for the Christian. Yet, it can also be the most misused and misguided. Aside from an improper view of God and Scripture, an improper prayer life can hinder fellowship with Christ. Furthermore, an improper […]