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Beyonce: The Wrong Role Model for Women

My eight year old daughter recently stood in the grocery line staring at a magazine vaunting the barely clothed and pregnant Beyonce. The tagline on the magazine touted Beyonce’s impending motherhood and nude extravagance as an assimilation of her “goddess” roots and “inspirational” […]

Who Should You Date?

In college my baseball coach was a strong Christian who understood the confusion for young people surrounding the topic of dating. Without compromise he boldly took 25 hormone-run college baseball players down a road few have dared travel – and […]

Can a Man & Woman Just be Friends?

Last night I had the privilege of meeting with a group of Orange County young adults to hear from and discuss the challenges they face when building and maintaining relationships with the opposite sex. We discussed a wide array of […]

I Hairsprayed Her Clothes: Dealing With Marital Frustration & Unity

Most newlyweds have little spats; Bre and I were no different. On one particularly hot summer day, the air conditioning unit of our little condominium broke. The repairman couldn’t help for a couple of days so we were forced to […]

The Little Guy Proposed to My Daughter!

I knew this long dreaded moment would come because I’m the father of a little girl. The young man approached me with his eye on the prize of my little girl’s hand. He sized me up and I sized him up. The […]

7 Habits of The Wise

In Part I of Wisdom from Proverbs, we looked at 7 Habits of a Fool. It’s easy to pick on fools because they’re so blatantly…well, foolish! But not playing the fool doesn’t necessarily prove that you’re wise either. In fact, […]

Five Ways to Keep Christ in Your Christmas

It’s surprising how quickly Jesus is being removed from American holidays. Based on this, we should be resolute to celebrate our Savior even more fervently than in years past. More so, we must insure Jesus, and His Word, are taught in our homes. Throughout the years Bre and I have picked up little ideas…

A Lesbian’s Letter

This summer the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on whether to legalize same-sex marriage across America or allow states continue to determine outcomes. Over the past few years, the conversation regarding gay marriage has moved beyond legal and political proposition to […]

Can Twenty-something’s Remain Romantically Pure?

What’s it like being a single “twenty-something” committed to Jesus in America today? That’s the question I posed during an interview with three single women from our church recently. I think you’ll be inspired by their honest answers… THEIR STRUGGLE […]

The Church and Homosexuality

July 2nd, 10am PST: This article was originally posted late 2014, the recent SCOTUS ruling to protect same sex marriage brings these principles into even greater regard.  THE NEWS World news has teemed with discussion regarding the Relatio post disceptationem, […]