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Cory M. Marsh is Coordinator of Bible and Theology and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Southern California Seminary, and holds memberships in the Evangelical Theological Society, Evangelical Philosophical Society, Society of Biblical Literature, & Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics. Cory is married to his high school sweetheart Shannnan, and they are both members of Mission Bible Church. They currently live with their cat Wednesday in Mission Viejo, CA.

Is Repentance in John’s Gospel?

Ever since the Lordship vs. Free Grace clash occurred in the mid 1980s, a hot bed of controversy has surrounded the Gospel of John and the place of repentance in a person’s salvation. Because John is considered by many “the […]

Never Stop Preaching the Old Testament

A pastor at my church preached from the Old Testament today. Doing so was a bold move in direct conflict with what a well-known, influential local pastor recently told church leadership at a pastor’s conference—a charge that has garnered no […]

Blindness and Glory: An Exegetical Case Study in John 9 Concerning God’s use of Physical Handicaps

When it comes to theological interrogations, Jesus will not backed in a corner. This is true whether the questioners are antagonists with an agenda (cf. Matt 22:23-40), or His own disciples. John’s Gospel gives an example of the latter: “And […]

An Alternative to the Vanity of Life

  The biblical-theological-philosophical masterpiece called Ecclesiastes is framed by the superlative construct “Vanity of vanities” (Eccl 1:2; 12:8). In the midst of this inclusio, out of his personal experience, Solomon provides ample reasons why he thought “all of life is […]