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Albert is the Next-Gen Ministry at Mission Bible Church in Orange County and is completing a Master of Divinity degree at Midwestern Baptist Seminary. Albert is married to wife, Ali, and has two children.

A Note From One Young Pastor to Other Young Pastors

9/21/17 Pastor Albert Kilgore To be in any form of ministry is 100% a blessed grace from God. Often we forget that God not only showed mercy on our failures but also graces every good thing we ever do. To […]

Killing Sin

As I was listening to a sermon recently from a well-known Pastor, he shared a story about his mom giving him a Bible with a very impactful sentence she had written in the front. It said, “This book will keep […]

Blessed is the Man That Serves

Jesus, speaking to His disciples about true greatness said, “…but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant,” (Matthew 20:26b). This statement is a direct rejection of the world’s definition of greatness! Jesus desires His followers to […]