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Is it really “lack of faith” that keeps some people in a wheelchair or hungry in a thirdOption-5
world nation? Christianity Today recently released an article detailing how millions of young adults now venture into churches hoping to experience the “mystical” and the miraculous. In these churches, wealthy preachers explain that, “God wants people to experience miracles that heal.” How should evangelicals respond to this version of faith proffered by the likes of Bill Johnson, Todd White, Robert Morris, and Benny Hinn? In Defining Deception, Costi Hinn & Anthony Wood, document the one hundred year rise of these so-called “miracle preachers” along with the flourishing new mystical-miracle movement that’s abruptly turning mainstream Christianity into a show of emotion, stunts, and manipulation. You can order the book HERE.

Dr. John MacArthur writes, “…this could be one of the most important books of the decade.”

After documenting the one hundred year history of faith healing, Defining Deception boldly details the “behind the scenes” greed of modern false teachers such as Bill Johnson, Benny Hinn, and Todd White going great lengths to clarify the lines between historical evangelicalism, historical pentecostalism, and this new version of “signs and wonders.” With great care, the book culminates in straight forward answers to our most basic questions surrounding the miracle-mystical movement, including “What is the Spirit’s role?” “Is it God’s will to always heal?” “What is the biblical definition of a miracle?” and, “Should I listen to music by people who teach bad bible?”

Dr. Wayne House writes, “The authors take care to distinguish standard Pentecostalism from the extreme miracle movements of Word-Faith and Third Wave Charismatic movements.”

Defining Deception, published by Southern California Seminary, offers the academic learner studious sourcing for biblical discernment but is also written in a loving and relational style allowing everyday readers to better relate with friends and family who’ve fallen victim to the trappings of modern miracle and mystical movements. Hinn and Wood have proven that we can value and share truth without appearing to be “angry” about it. The book includes a raw Testimony section containing stories of rescue from around the globe along with a thrilling Q&A section highlighting the modern confusion around gifts of the Spirit, hearing from God, and popular bands like Jesus Culture. The book can be found on Amazon HERE.

Regardless of your denominational background, Defining Deception is a vital tool to keep on the shelf, in the book bag, and next to your Bible as you contrast the true and the false. And, mark your calendar for DD “Revised & Expanded” coming early 2021.