New Book Releasing in 2019!

A new book on the prosperity gospel is coming soon.

Defining Deception continues to serve people all over the world. We have received weekly emails since its release in February and stories have poured in from people whose lives have been changed by the truth. One man, who was a published author and influencer in the New Apostolic Reformation, recently wrote our publisher an email explaining what God has done in his life through the book. He said:

After reading Defining Deception, I can’t see myself ever publishing another book with [my former publisher who puts out NAR material]…frankly I don’t think I can write again period. (Not without spending a few years unlearning the old, and re-learning the Bible.) I began in a Baptist/Reformed theology, then explored charismatic Latter Rain theology for 17 years. I met and received “prophecies” from one of the original “prophets”  who participated in the 1948 revival in Canada that helped launch the Latter Rain branch of charismatic theology. I am leaving that and returning to my roots. I’m at the beginning of what [the book] describes at Charismatic PTSD. It is extremely difficult but the Word has been a deep comfort. I read it as much as I can each day and listen to audio Bible mp3s on my work commute. I’m confident the Lord will guide me through the recovery process, though what a tragedy to have given so much of my youth, my 20s and early 30s, to a deception. I’ve only begun the grieving process over those lost years. I wanted to write this to thank you for your work and effort in publishing Defining Deception. I also wanted to thank the authors and send them a letter of thank you in the mail. Would I send it to your mailing address and you could forward it? Thank you again for your work in teaching others the truth

Friends, this is the kind of testimony we have prayed for all along. And you know what? This one of many! Books are merely a means to an end and that end is to see the gospel proclaimed and lives transformed by the truth (Romans 1:16).

As we turn the corner on 2018, I want to announce the release of a new book in 2019 titled, God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) GospelZondervan asked me to publish a book that would target prosperity theology and help people who are being exploited by it. When I was thinking what to title the book, I remembered some of the first articles that Anthony (My pastor and Co-Author of Defining Deception) and I wrote on the prosperity gospel. They were titled, God, Greed, and the Prosperity Gospel (Parts 1 and 2). I couldn’t think of a better title for my new book. 

In this book you will find a whole new set of teaching topics and real stories. Some of the highlights include:

  • My full testimony and life behind the scenes
  • The true gospel
  • A biblical view of health and wealth
  • Teaching on the sovereignty of God
  • Clear evidence on why the prosperity gospel is abusive and dangerous
  • Names of preachers who pose a threat to the church and need to repent
  • Practical steps for reaching family and friends who are trapped in deception
  • Recommended resources to reconstruct broken theological beliefs
  • And much more

Pre-order it now to reserve your copy and be sure to order one for a friend of family member who has been swooned by the prosperity gospel. I promise that I’ve done my best to hold nothing back in this book, and put the the gospel of Jesus Christ front and center.

Finally, when you pre-order in the month of December, a copy of the book will be donated to pastors in Africa who are on the front lines of the prosperity gospel’s assault on the church. Africa continues to be one of the most devastated countries in the world by this dangerous theology. Central Africa Baptist College & Seminary will be receiving the books. 

This book will be available through all major retailers in the coming months. As of the date of this post, is offering 25% discount on all pre-orders so I recommend you lock in that price. 

For updates, follow the blog at or connect with me on Twitter & Facebook. Below is a preview of the book cover. 

Thank you for your prayers and your effort in spreading the word. I am trusting that God will use this project for His glory in the lives of those who need it the most. 

For the Gospel, 

Costi W. Hinn

Costi Hinn went from being a next-generation preacher in a prosperity gospel dynasty to abandoning the family faith for the true Gospel. God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel offers unprecedented perspective on the perils of greed, threats to the global church, and encouragement for your own journey toward the Truth.


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