Month: December 2016

Visual Charts of the New Testament

It’s a special privilege to announce the release of Visual Outline Charts of the New Testament by astute theologian (and personal friend) Scott Bashoor of Buena Park Bible Church. This book is a remarkable tool and proudly endorsed by John MacArthur, President of […]

Never Stop Preaching the Old Testament

A pastor at my church preached from the Old Testament today. Doing so was a bold move in direct conflict with what a well-known, influential local pastor recently told church leadership at a pastor’s conference—a charge that has garnered no […]

Re-Think Evangelism

Whenever the word “evangelism” comes up, it’s not uncommon for Christians to experience some sort of emotional response that is less than pleasant. Eye rolling, ear plugging, or even church hopping are all strategies that some will employ just to avoid the […]