Last week cyclone Winston hurled through Fiji, killing dozens, and leaving tens of thousands homeless. The cyclone was the largest ever to hit the island nation, with gusts up to 200mph. One of our beloved missionary partners, Premend Choy, and his family lead a local church and bible college in Lautoka on the Fiji Islands. Premend is a Master’s Seminary graduate, and very Godly man, who left the U.S.A. to return and serve his home nation. Pastor Premend has limited internet but was able to access a hot-spot and send the following note. Please take time to read his note and support his family through both prayer and financial assistance. We will be sending a missionary team to Fiji this summer. Donations can be sent to the following address. Please designate them “Premend Choy – Fiji”

AFCI USA Service Center

1355 Terrell Mill Rd.

Bldg 1462, Ste 1000

Marietta, GA 30067

Dear Friends,

It has been nine days since the monster Tropical Cyclone brought our nation to a stand still. ThesePremend-Choy-2 past days have been traumatic for numerous families. We hear that some isolated villages up-till today because of inaccessibility have not been reached with any ration. The future looks bleak for countless people. Yet as I read/hear many personal stories of those who bore the full fury of the Cyclone mention their thankfulness to the Lord for His mercy. This is so encouraging!  My hope and prayer at this time is that the Churches in Fiji would rise to the occasion and be instruments of comfort and hope to those hurting. 

Our clean up effort at the College will require several weeks. This past weekend an electrician reconnected our mainline power which was taken out by a coconut tree during the cyclone. We still have no date of when normal power would be restored. There is power only in the downtown area. Our College internet is still down and I am using a pocket wifi to send and receive e-mails. 

 Our family is coping well with the present situation. Recently, what most concerned us was Abby’s illness. Her temperature would not go down for three consecutive days ranging between 104-106. We had to take her to the doctor twice, thankfully a clinic in town had power. She seemed to have some sort of infection and the doctor put her on a stronger antibiotic. Thankfully her condition stabilized and today she resumed school. 

Today was a challenging day in many respects. I had to stop my lecture half-way as the College’s power generator shut down unexpectedly. We let it cool down for a bit and then started it again. In less than 30 minutes it stopped working again. After several failed attempts to get a mechanic to come over to help us, we finally got hold of one young man. He spent the whole afternoon fixing the fault and was successful. Later in the evening power was restored and the generator has been running well since. 

Friends, we are so dependent on power right now. You see we daily fill our College water tank using the generator to pump water from the borehole. Our food items in the refrigerator would have been spoilt. And all communication would have been cut once we lost battery cells. If the generator was not fixed today, we would have no choice but to close the college and send all the students and staff home. From a human point of view, our situation seems tricky, but we are committing all of our cares to our most merciful Father.

My heart goes out for my uncle who lives a mile from us. He has been hit with a double tragedy. First, his house sustained a major damage from Tropical Cyclone costing 30,000.00 to repair. He had begun rebuilding work this week only to put everything on hold as his wife passed away at home around noon today. She was sick for a while. My uncle (dad’s older brother) is a Hindu and so was his deceased wife. I spent some time with my uncle this evening. He was distraught. A lot of people came to help erect a tin shed for the funeral service. I probably was the only believer in their midst. Please pray that the Lord would give me opportunities to share the Gospel.

Finally, our family wants to convey heartfelt thanks to you all for your love, prayers, and support to us during this time. 

 In Christ,


Posted by Anthony Wood

Anthony is Pastor of Mission Bible Church in Tustin, CA, and has authored the books Defining Church & Defining Family. He’s married to Bre, and they have three children. More @AnthonyGeneWood

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