Month: March 2016

7 Habits of The Wise

In Part I of Wisdom from Proverbs, we looked at 7 Habits of a Fool. It’s easy to pick on fools because they’re so blatantly…well, foolish! But not playing the fool doesn’t necessarily prove that you’re wise either. In fact, […]

Engage People This Easter

How far will you go to share the light of Christ? My wife, Bre, has been praying and working extra hard to engage our neighbors, so she set up an Easter Egg Hunt for twenty neighborhood children this Saturday. Last […]

7 Habits of a Fool (Part 1)

Everybody’s played the fool at some point. That means that once in a while, we’re going to say and do things that aren’t very well informed. But that’s supposed to be the exception not the norm right? Unfortunately, human depravity […]

How Do You Deal With Desertion?

No one likes to be left behind. Be it at the altar, in a race, on a road trip, or in friendship, being left by someone simply hurts. I have a friend who was newly married, and driving to start […]

Help Restore Fiji Following Cyclone Winston

Last week cyclone Winston hurled through Fiji, killing dozens, and leaving tens of thousands homeless. The cyclone was the largest ever to hit the island nation, with gusts up to 200mph. One of our beloved missionary partners, Premend Choy, and […]