Month: December 2015

Extraordinary (non-facebook) Reading

Many people tell me they don’t have time to read, but statistics say otherwise. Mark Zuckerburg’s recent Q2 report indicates the average American is on facebook 40 minutes per day. Stats tells us that in 40 minutes per day, 5 days per week, […]

“He Shall Reign” Unplugged Worship Video

The final countdown to Christmas is on! Let’s focus our attention on the Savior who came in a manger and will return as King! Everyone at MBC is pumped for tomorrow night’s services – the worship team took time to have […]

Look for the Little Star

Our neighbor has an electric Rudolph and glowing mailbox counting down the days until Christmas. According to my high voltage friend, there’s only 9 days left. The month is going quick! There have been many years where Bre and I sit […]

Five Ways to Keep Christ in Your Christmas

It’s surprising how quickly Jesus is being removed from American holidays. Based on this, we should be resolute to celebrate our Savior even more fervently than in years past. More so, we must insure Jesus, and His Word, are taught in our homes. Throughout the years Bre and I have picked up little ideas…