Month: November 2015

God’s Will For Your Thanksgiving

I pray your holiday is a joyous one! The Wood family is planning to show up for the Turkey Trot tomorrow and then drive over to spend time with relatives. The word on the street is that Grammy is cooking […]

Can a Christian Refuse a Refugee?

This week I received a question from Switzerland regarding warfare and refugees. Specifically, how a Christian should be mentally and spiritually processing terrorism, borders, and the influx of refugees who are ignorant to, or outright opposed to, the Christian faith. The ethical dilemma has become a prevalent discussion piece online, so here is a portion of my email response.

The Larger Meaning of Red Cups

Today I purchased a coffee from Starbucks. The cup was red. If you’ve been busy with “important things,” and haven’t had time to catch up on the red cup controversy, the short story is that a man named Joshua Feurerstein began digital debate by […]

Walking With Giants

One of my favorite books is titled, Walking With the Giants by Warren Wiersbe. In the book, Wiersbe provides a snapshot of leaders who’ve left a powerful imprint on the Christian landscape. If you are interested in studying the lives of great […]