Month: October 2015

Seven Elements of a Man in Ministry

The pastoral epistles outline over forty expectations for a pastor. This means that God takes the role very seriously and we should too. Multiple times, in the pastoral epistles we see Paul remind Timothy of his high calling by reminding him […]

Praying for Pastor & the Monday Morning Blues

During my fifteen plus years of pastoring [Buena Park Bible Church], I’ve often had to wrestle with what some call the Monday Morning Blues. After our Sunday evening service, I sometimes feel a palpable and dramatic drop in energy and […]

Pastor’s Study | Winter Book List

Winter is a great time for reading! Approximately twice per year I share books that I’ve read or am reading outside of sermon preparation. On rare occasion, I will list technical resources, but by and large this list is meant to be enjoyed by […]

Christian Citizenship and the Politics of Love

Originally printed in Voice: An Independent Church Journal, July/August 2013; Reprinted, July/August 2015 The Fourth of July reminds those of us in the USA of the great privilege that is ours to live in a country with great a heritage […]