Month: July 2015

The Hipster and Atheist Church

Over the past four decades there has been a continually expanding definition of the word “church” in America. A cursory scroll through Google lists hipster “churches”, club “churches”, and even atheist “churches.” If the concept of church is left to subjective cultural […]

They Expect You to do Miracles

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, and forever.” – Heb 13:8 Is Jesus the same today as He was 2000 years ago? You bet, as long as we’re talking about the same Jesus the author of Hebrews was […]

Mexico Missions Team Update

By Jeff Schlieder We embarked last Sunday with a team of 12 missionary volunteers and spent our week building three homes, blessing and encouraging a local orphanage named Ninos con Fe, ministering to the least, last, and lost who mine […]

Same-Sex Marriage & the Church

Contextualization Evidence confirms that America was founded by overtly Christian thinkers, and America has maintained a rare and uniquely Christian perspective for two hundred years, combining civic laws with Christian virtues. The high water mark for this hybrid faith-freedom reality […]