Month: September 2014

The Role of a Godly Wife

During the Crusades a Knight was taken captive by Moslem Saladin. The Knight begged for his life, claiming that he had a wife in England who loved him dearly. Saladin commented that soon she would forget him. On second thought, […]

True Biblical Fatherhood

This fall season at CAM will be deeply focused on the family. On Sunday, we’ll launch a new series through the book of Ephesians titled, “God’s Design for All Time” and at our Wednesday evening Believer’s Service we’ll discuss, “The […]

Stop Rebuking the Devil

When I was young, there was a local church that promoted the burning of Metallica CD’s to dispose of teenage demons. In recent years, I’ve heard of numerous national conferences dedicated to, “Casting our spirits.” And, I personally have even […]