“out of the overflow of his heart, the mouth speaks…” – Luke 6:45

We are following too many people and too many of the wrong people! One of the byproducts of social media has become an overage of “following” for we’ve manipulated our own conscience to determine that it’s not truly “following”. Except that Jesus indicated all words, yes even those in 140 character form, come from the heart.

Christ’s truth means there is no innocence in who you “follow” because, no matter how remote, words carry with them life and death and stem from either a heart sealed by heaven or a heart driven by hell. Hence, what words of hell have we scrolled into our life this morning? What words of hell have we allowed scroll into the minds of our children?

To follow an A-list celebrity seems harmless, until you realize damnation exists behind every tweet. Over time, this unknown commodity of heart will shape your opinions, your thoughts, your choices, your reflections, and eventually your eternity.

To follow a famed preacher seems harmless, we assume he must be Godly, except that we have no real proof of what he believes and have not sat long near his pulpit nor long observed the life of his family, thus leaving us with no real evidence of the man’s spiritual caliber.

This constant “following” has forged a gaping hole in American intellectual judgment, wherein millions of young people hold many opinions but have studied so little they possess no facts, equating to limitless subsets of feeling without any foundation of logical reason.

How many men have actually studied the Constitution before chiming in on the ill practices of state? How many men have actually read Calvin’s Institutes before attempting to dismember the Grace Doctrines? How many men can even understand the questions I just penned?

It is time that true Christian revolutionaries refuse to be “followers” of anyone other than Christ, deleting the many “voices” of hell (and supposed heaven) flapping across their screen, to open the Living Word of God,  accepting that Jesus Christ will, in fact, lead them as no other can!

I declare with certainty that as you begin your studies in the greek text of our New Testament, as you finger the pages of Spurgeon, Calvin, Bonhoeffer, Chambers, and the giants, and as you kneel fervently to write out your own prayers of God’s inspired illumination upon your life, you will find truth to become the salve to our nation’s insecure wounds, and will hold it as far superior to the opinions of intrepid apps and misinformed magazines!

Where is the man who will delete his human mediums and dig deep to discern the voice of God? Where is the man who cares not what anyone on earth says and listens only to the whispers of our Almighty? Show me that man and I will show you a man successful in any line of work and readied to lead the next great reformation!

Posted by Anthony Wood

Anthony is Pastor of Mission Bible Church in Tustin, CA, and has authored the books Defining Church & Defining Family. He’s married to Bre, and they have three children. More @AnthonyGeneWood

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