Month: March 2014

A Note to World Vision

Update 3/26/14 3:30pm PST World Vision Reverses Their Decision to Allow Gay Marriage Among Employees Christianity Today reports that, “World Vision’s American branch will no longer require its more than 1,100 employees to restrict their sexual activity to marriage between […]

How To Know if You’re Called by God

Allow me to introduce a man whom I deeply respect. His name is Ray. I won’t give his last name because he’d be upset at the recognition. At almost 70, Pastor Ray is a cowboy, cut from the old cloth […]

Rated M – How Far is Too Far?

Five week’s of Culture War sermons has prepared us for this Sunday! Every Christian has or will be confronted with “gray areas”. Gray areas are the practices, responses, or opportunities that are not seemingly mentioned in Holy Scripture but still […]

His Glory is Your Satisfaction

“And you will know that I am the Lord…” – Ezekiel 6:7 The book of Ezekiel is replete with statements like this, wherein God consistently unveils Himself to an obdurate, obstinate, and stubborn people. And, in this statement we see […]