“…God is light and there is no darkness in Him at all.” – 1 John 1:5

We must not be upset with dark for being dark. Why would we expect the mass populace of a secular awards show, like the Grammy’s, to act as if they’re attending the Harvest Crusade or midweek prayer meeting? The crowds around Noah never stopped to build a rowboat. Sin is sin. It’s always been sin. It exists in the darkened heart, loves it’s lusts, and pleases only itself.

Thus, Jay Z and Beyonce are certainly allowed to strut their stuff, and showcase to peers, the intricacies of “fine dining” that happen around their bedroom table night in and night out. It’s quite human. Its expected.

However, to those “Christian” authors who have applauded their showcase as, “An example of the spark God intended in a marriage bed” allow me to exhort you remove your posts and publicly recant your positions. For, it is your progressive use of a liberalized gospel, for the sake of “likes”, that is starving America of faith values and doctrinal coherence.

Without pontificating, I submit that when marriage, or the “yada” of emotional communion, is mentioned in scripture, it is termed as, “Two who shall become one flesh” (Gen 2:24, Mark 10:8, Eph 5:31). This concept of one flesh being the “baw-sawr” or euphemistic bonding between two bodies, at the privilege of each other AND renunciation of any other individual, leading us towards Christ’s emphatic statement, “What God has joined, let no man separate.” This would contend that it is not only mockery, but adulterous, for any married couple to take what has become their spiritually bonded right and include others in that union via voyeurism of any kind.

What disappoints me isn’t that Jay Z and Beyonce did what they did. That is dark being dark. But, that supposedly “Christian” authors would advocate such behavior as a “proud spectacle” of God’s intended design; Not once questioning its impact on the eyes of 10 million children and young adults. Not once questioning its impact on the millions of lonely and wounded men sitting on their sofa. The sadness isn’t with dark for being dark. The sadness is when light has stopped being light.

Christian, may you do with your life what Natalie Grant did at the Grammy’s. Get up and walk away, proudly posting, “I am never more glad to sing and serve Jesus.”

Posted by Anthony Wood

Anthony is Pastor of Mission Bible Church in Tustin, CA, and has authored the books Defining Church & Defining Family. He’s married to Bre, and they have three children. More @AnthonyGeneWood

One Comment

  1. We have enough bigot-minded Christians who think they’re better than the rest of the world. Removing ourselves from culture is the exact opposite of what The Gospel has called us to do. Sure, Beyonce and Jay-Z aren’t believers, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find good in them. In fact, it’s sad to think they marriage actually might be a little stronger than most who call themselves Christians. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater just because they’re not believers. You can find good in anyone if you look hard enough.


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